Making Homework time fun with your kids!

    Hello! I'm back to share some parenting tips with you guys!  =) We all know the importance of homework time, while some kids naturally enjoy this other kids seem to find it dreadful.  It's good to find a unique balance so that this can be an enjoyable activity for them!  For the most part my son really looks forward to his homework sessions, although he is 5 so he does have his days!  

    I created a homework routine for our daily usage but I try to throw a nice little curve ball in there at least twice a week so that it doesn't become monotonous.  Landon loves when I surprise him with something new in our homework regimen.  I typically like to break our agenda down into subjects, this is what it normally looks like:

1.  Writing - notebook letter exercises and workbook activities. 
2.  Mathematics - flash cards, written equations and problem solving from workbook.
3.  Art - (Childs choice)  Normally consisting of ; coloring book, drawing, painting, or kinetic sand
4.  Music and movement - 5 minutes of dancing and singing together
5.  Literature - First we read his daily book from class then we finish it off with a preferred choice of        
     one of his own books from home. 

    I usually try to go in that order just to keep consistency in our routine but this isn't the case every single day.  On the days where I could tell that my son is going to have a harder time with homework I try to start of with something fun.  That normally means music and movement first or a surprise fun art project.  Once I have his attention and he's enjoying "homework time" then I switch it to the next subject.  

    Pinterest is always a very helpful place to search for different educational activities and games that will catch your childs attention as well.  They have a numerous amount of creative and crafty ideas to turn your homework sessions into a playful learning game.  I take my pinterest finds and incorporate them with my own ideas.  It is also very helpful that I work with young children in an educational setting.  I am able to pick up on a lot of good strategies and put them to use at home with my own kids.  

Overall, find what works best for you and your child.  Please share your educational suggestions with me as well!