Hi ! I’m so glad to be back on here with these amazing news !  Many of you know or have read about my passion behind children’s fashion.  It’s something I’ve touched on many times & throughout the years have gone back and forth about what it is that I’d like to do with it .  Well the time has finally came ! My friend Monique Hernandez and I finally decided to step out of our comfort zone & team up to make our dreams come to life! We will be launching an online children’s boutique THIS SPRING!!! 

The excitement and joy behind this business is unimaginable.  To finally be able to make something happen that you’ve only dreamed of is a blessing to say the least.  All the hard work and dedication that we’ve been putting into every part of this feels great.  Each day we know we’re one step closer to opening our online boutique.  

   It is amazing to be able to fulfill your dreams not only with an awesome business partner but a phenomenal friend.  I mean honestly, when you think of opening a business you wouldn’t just do it with anyone right ? Lol.  Monique and I have been very close friends for a long time now.  Both of our mindsets and ideas combined make for a great buisness.  We want every detail of what we present to be unique.  
   If you would like the latest updates on our boutique please follow us on Instagram at @wildonesandco_ ! We will continuously be posting sneak peaks of our products and updates on our launch date!  

   Thank you for the love and support!