Summer Vibes

       Goodbye summer!  Partially glad that the kids are back in school and we're all on a more stable schedule but also secretly a little upset that we don't get to go on daily adventures.  Summer was good to us.  We had lake days, trips to the park [ like every other day lol if it wasn't extremely hot out], play dates, birthday parties, bake-a-thons [because we all know i'm not the greatest cook but I sure do know how to whip up some bomb, sometimes burnt but still delicuous COOKIES!]  On top of all of that we had a plethora amount of movie "parties" at home, which basically consist of movies, snacks oh and popcorn duh.  

      When school ended in May I felt like i'd have all the time in the world to figure out some fun activities for the kids while they were on summer break, little did I know that the next school year was going to creep up on me before I even realized it.  Now that our schedules are a little bit more hectic with school, work and sports I try to still incorporate some of the little fun out of the ordinary activities to our weekly routines.  Kids tend to get bored "schedules" so I never hurts to try and jazz it up a bit with an afternoon walk to grab some ice cream or a random sporadic movie party.  You'd be surprised at big of a difference this will make in your kiddies day!

         Our summer fashion consisted of anything COMFORTABLE as we were outside and a lot more active.  I can say this over and over again, joggers are a life saver!  Not only are the kids extremely comfy and able to run around but they'll look cute and fashionable while doing it!  I always find some great ones at Target and H&M for the low!  Also, the little striped baggy shorts featured in some of the pictures are from Old Navy and i'm pretty sure those were like $8 bucks!  Another little fashion tip,  look for lightly USED items.  I mean honestly, some good thrifts stores even carry new clothes.  When coming across some amazing little gems while thrifting I end up only paying like $20 for several almost new NAME BRAND outfits.  It never hurts to look!