Stylish Mama Wear

Lets be honest, us moms always want to go for the quick and easy comfy outfit since we're probably going to be running around like maniacs.  I try to be comfortable without looking like a complete bum 87% of the time.  Truthfully some days that's easier said than done because boy there's nothing more convenient than some yoga pants and an oversized T-shirt. lol.  Therefore I decided to put together an inspo board of some of my favorite items that will help you complete a nice, cute and easy everyday outfit without having to put too much effort.  I always try to pair some nice and stylish pants with a plain colored shirt or vise versa & some comfortable yet nice shoes.  I could almost live in hats if i was able to, i'm sure i'm not the only one who doesn't have the luxury of having time to do their hair everyday, well.... on a bad hair day throw on a hat and BAM!  Along with not having enough time to glam up my hair, my makeup tends to fall in that category as well.  Put on some nice shades and the bare minimum amount of makeup.  I promise you'll go from a walking MOMBIE to a cute and stylish hot mama-cita.  On my board I featured a cute little backpack because the less you have to carry while running around chasing your little monsters.... I mean children, the better!  You can find most of the items below on the links to the right under the "where I shop" section! Remember mamas, you are be-YOU-ti-ful!! xoxoWoman's casual