Toddler Boy Fashion

After having my first son in 2012 I became very interested in kids fashion, I love to shop for my kiddies! It's always fun when you find some great items for a good price as well, so i'm always on the lookout for a good sale on a nice quality item. Below are some of my favorite styles and "go to" brands for my little ones! Having boys brought out the little tomboy in me that never left! I try to pair quality and comfort when shopping for the kids, the last thing you want is a fussy toddler complaining because he or she may not be comfortable with what they're wearing. Jogger sweatpants are one of my absolute favorite items, they are fashionable, comfortable and typically a reasonable price. A simple graphic T-shirt normally goes well with almost any outfit as well. Although my toddler and newborn (well 8 months lol.) are boys I still love to add some sort of accessory to their outfit, a nice snapback hat or beanie will normally do the trick! Keep it simple and stylish! Check out some of my top pics below!

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