Line In The Making

Another little project i've been working on is a childrens fashion line! I will keep the name "Mommying With Shans" going for the brand name as well. I thought why not start making some of my favorite items that I already normally purchase for my children. I will not disclose what the few items are just yet, i'm going to keep that as a little surprise for you all! The line is already in the works, i'm hoping to be able to have items available within the next few weeks. I will make sure to constantly post updates about the line for those who may be interested. I am an avid crafter, but I will admit that sewing is something that is new to me. I cannot wait to see where this new little journey takes me. With my products I will ensure QUALITY over QUANTITY. Therefore I may open and close the shop from time to time to make sure I am able to put just as much work on my last order as I will be putting in on my first order. I will personally a solely be making each and every item by hand. Thank you for stopping by! XOXO